DIY Repurpose Succulent Planter

Have an old container around the house? How about making it into a new planter for some succulents. Makes a great gift too!

DIY Repurpose Succulent Planter

Do you have items around the house, in the attic or garage that you keep putting aside and thinking, “Someday I will make something with that.” Well, that day finally came to me recently.

There was an old candle holder (with no candles in it) sitting on my lanai now for 10+ years. I loved the look of it with the glass containers and black iron stand, but it just sat on the table and gathered looks from me every day. It was time to repurpose this beauty into a succulent planter.

You could use so many different items to make into planters to use for this project. As you can see in the picture above, what I will be using is an iron stand that holds 3 glass jars which use to hold candles.

I had several small succulent plants I started from cuttings a few months back.  You can buy small succulents, but using several can become a little pricey and I’m all about being frugal in these projects. I also made my own potting soil by taking potting soil I already had and mixing it with a bit of perlite.  That will make the soil fluffy and not hold a lot of water which succulents don’t really care for. You can also use succulent soil already mixed up. I also needed small rocks.

TIP:  Easy way to remove candles from a glass container is put the container in the freezer for a few hours.  The candle will just pop out!

DIY Repurpose Succulent Planter

Add a decent layer of rocks in the bottom of the containers.  This will help the water drain from the dirt.

DIY Repurpose Succulent Planter

I then added the dirt mixture in each container and then arranged the succulents in each container.  Succulents don’t have a lot of roots and are very easy to start as cuttings.  If one of the limbs breaks off, just push it in the soil and it will grow again!

DIY Repurpose Succulent Planter

And there you have it.  A really easy way to repurpose a container with succulents. Make several of these with small containers to use for gifts for new neighbors, teachers, family, and friends.

DIY Repurpose Succulent Planter

You can see how I layered the rocks at the bottom.  Notice how much of the perlite is in the dirt to help with drainage.

DIY Repurpose Succulent Planter

Now my succulents will make a cute statement on my table on the lanai.  What I love about succulents is they are slow growers and this new planter will stay won’t overtake the table in a few months. If some of the plants get a little leggy (like the two in the picture above) just cut them back and put the cuttings in the dirt for new growth.

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DIY Repurpose Succulent Planter Have an old container around the house? How about making it into a new planter for some succulents. Makes a great gift too!

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  1. This is such an great idea! I have plants I need to repurpose. Just the other day i pulled down a few mason jars for my succulents. My daughter just purchase 4 of them for me. Great post and thanks for sharing.

  2. So simple yet so beautiful and a great way to put all those jars in use and reuse and help the planet. I will be working on a project like this soon. Thank you so much for the idea.

  3. What a great idea! I love these simple DIY tutorials that make something so cute. I want to do something like this for our kitchen. The kids could help me too!

  4. We live in NYC and my kids are obsessed with all types of indoor plants! They have a few succulents that could use this adorable makeover. Thank you for sharing this very neat idea!

  5. I absolutely love succulents! I have so many at my house and am always looking for new, fun planters to make for them! I can’t wait to try making this one next weekend!

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