DIY Fall Pillow

Learn to make an easy and adorable DIY Fall Pillow perfect for this time of the year. No sewing required, just ironing.

Learn to make an easy and adorable DIY Fall Pillow perfect for this time of the year. No sewing required, just ironing.

The easiest way I like to decorate for any season is with pillows. I usually buy a pillow cover and decorate it, because it’s more economical than buying the whole pillow. And let’s face it. Pillows are not cheap. I recently made a really easy DIY fall pillow I would like to share with you.

This pillow was so easy to make using the transfer paper, you won’t believe it.

What you will need to make this pillow:

Got a few minutes, let’s make a pillow.


First, download the 2 PDF files from these links Words and Flowers. Then print out the PDF files on to your transfer paper, you will need 2 sheets. You must use an inkjet printer and I used the photo setting on my printer for a more colorful printout. Be sure to read the transfer paper instructions on how long to iron and what settings you need for our iron to be set on.


Next, cut around the graphics. You don’t have to be exact because when it’s ironed on, what’s not been cut off is clear and doesn’t show. Layout and center it up how you want it to be on the pillowcase.


I first ironed the words and then laid out the flower edges on each side. Be careful with the iron and don’t touch any part of the words while ironing the side flowers.


When you are done ironing, you wait for a few minutes and then start peeling off the backing paper. It comes off very nicely. If the transfer starts coming up, then you will need to iron a bit longer. I didn’t have that problem at all.


It turned out so nicely and I was done in less than an hour. You could use so many graphics for fall to print out. One place I love to get graphics from is Creative Market. Just click on the link and put fall or autumn in the Search Bar to see all their adorable graphics.

Let’s talk pillows for a bit.


Don’t have time to make a pillow? You can find my other fall pillow designs HERE in my shop. Choose whether you want a pillow cover for inside or outside. The outside pillows do so well sitting on the front porch.

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  1. I love to decorate for holidays, but haven’t really made anything new this year. I adore your pillow! It’s time to start crafting!

  2. Omg, that is such a cool and fun fall diy project. I always find these fun but I’ve actually never tried it, maybe i should this year!

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