15 Handyman Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Looking for handyman gift ideas for dad. Here are a few “must-haves” for your home which is used often for fix-ups.

15 Handyman Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day is right around the corner and for those of you who have a handyman in your family or someone who is wanting to start their collection of tools, this is a great list to start with.  And gals, these are perfect for you too.  I have my own toolbox with a few tools I need around the house sometimes.

Let’s begin with the basic tools

15 Handyman Fathers Day Gift Ideas

  • Basic Tool Set – The perfect first tool to own to start off with.
  • Tape Measure – Large print tape measure is so much easier to see.
  • Ratchet Screwdriver – The most used tool we have.  I even have a pink version for myself.
  • Level – From hanging a picture to hanging wallpaper, there are so many uses for a level.


15 Handyman Fathers Day Gift Ideas


15 Handyman Fathers Day Gift Ideas


15 Handyman Fathers Day Gift Ideas

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  1. My husband has many of these things but her really wants an air compressor. The battery charger would come in handy too. My husband has a lot of the right tools, but he is not very handy so maybe if I get him the magazine he can learn new things and become better at home improvement.

  2. what awesome ideas for fathers day. our fathers day in australia isn’t until september so i’ll keep these in mind

  3. My husband would love any one of these. He is a handyman through and through. If he doesn’t know how to do it, he learns. I love it! Thanks for this great list…now to pick something out.

  4. Good picks. Bucket boss tool organizer looks appealing to me. Might consider this one as my present to Dad this coming Father’s day.

  5. These are awesome gift ideas. My husband is looking forward to getting tools.

  6. These are all great gift ideas. My husband is very handy and has tons of tool already, but these would be great for my son in law for Fathers Day. These would really be wonderful for a young father or even a grad!

  7. how awesome! these are perfect gift ideas for father’s day…I would love to get a new set of tools for my dad. Thanks for sharing!

  8. My husband just bought himself a staple gun at Target. He is quite handy, so this is a great gift list for him!

  9. These are a great gifts ideas for father’s day, My husband should love this he’s asking me to buy him a new tool

  10. I would love to have all these stuff. I remember my husband saying that I am the very first woman he dated that ever owned her own tool box. Haha. I work well with drills and tools so we sort of save some money for simple repairs. My husband would like to have a power generator though. He just hates it when the power goes out.

  11. I’m not a father or even a guy, but you’ve just given me some great ideas for tools I can buy myself. I have a very limited collection that currently includes a couple screwdrivers, a mini hammer, and a measuring tape that my sons think is a lasso. lol

  12. My Dad would love that portable generator. Thanks for sharing your Father’s Day gift guide 🙂

  13. awesome 15 here, i will gladly have to get each and everyone of these for my dad, he is my best friend and deserve all the good things of life. so cool to know of these.

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