14 Days of Love: Love Coupons

Make and give love coupons to each other which has to do with love.

14 days of love during Valentines season is useful for every marriage and relationship. Here are 14 things to enjoy together.

Love Coupons!

I know I love coupons of any kind and especially if it will get me a kiss, day off from house cleaning, foot rub, etc.  Mmmmmmmmmm……I’m dreaming about the day off from house cleaning right now.

I found some really adorable ideas for making your own love coupons.

I hope you love these as much as I do and you can find many more items of love on Pinterest.


I Heart Nap Time has made a whole coupon book to print out of some really nice things to give to your loved one.

Sarahs Love Coupons

I thought these were adorable from Sarah Hearts. She gives you step by step instructions on how to make these.


I can’t wait to print out some of these myself and hand to hubby when I feel like I need a day off of house cleaning.  Well, a day off from pushing that monstrosity of a vacuum around!  What a lovely day that will be.

Do small things with great love!

Enjoy the love,


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