Give a Perfect Gift LG OLED from Best Buy

Hubby and I really enjoy watching television. We aren’t big spenders on trips, cars or other luxury items and we love the simple entertainment in life called television.  So, when its time to buy a new one, we will spend our money there. 

We are in the process of removing an old tube tv from our bedroom.  What I mean by “process” is first we need to find someone who wants it and then find someone who will move it.  It weighs so much that the 2 of us can’t move it anymore.  So, with any large purchase, I began my research.  And oh what I have found out about new tv’s today.

Give a Perfect Gift LG OLED from Best Buy

First, I love how thin and light the newer tv’s have become and the clarity is beyond my scope of words to describe it.  But, this is one product I need to see in person, so I took a trip to my local Best Buy.  My favorite techy place to go. 

Give a Perfect Gift LG OLED from Best Buy

What caught my eyes right off was the OLED TV.

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The Great Smoky Mountains: A Reason to Stop and Listen


Hubby and I recently took a 7 day "date trip" to The Great Smoky Mountains. A trip we had planned for so long now.  I have never been there before and was so excited to see one of Gods greatest creations on this land we live on.  But, the beauty was beyond anything I could ever behold.  Enjoy! I knew the mountains were high, but when you have lived your whole life at either sea level or below, it was a bit to adjust to and took a couple of days for my ears to comply. … Read More

Monday Moments with Thanksgiving Food


Did I say food??  Oh my.  I adore Thanksgiving food.  You could have these recipes all year long, but when they are all together on the table and you are sharing with others, life is so good this time of the year. I love using my crock pot and the idea of cooking a turkey breast in mine is an outstanding idea.  I've cooked whole chickens in my crock pot and they always turn out so great.  Stockpiling Mom's recipe for Turkey Breast of Wonder is the recipe I use. … Read More

The Ultimate Party for Week 36 + $250 Giveaway


Welcome back to another week of  The Ultimate Party Just a quick note that we will not have The Ultimate Party on November 28th.   I hope everyone is geared up for that big Thanksgiving Feast!  I know I can't wait. Are you ready for all that shopping coming up soon?  Needing some Christmas Cash?  Be sure to check out the Cash for Christmas Giveaway for $250 worth of gift cards !   … Read More

2015 Desktop Calendar and {$250 Giveaway}


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Pantry Chili


My favorite soup of them all is chili.  There is so many ways to make it and I love experimenting with new versions, but I always seem to come back to my favorite version called Pantry Chili. I gave this recipe the name of Pantry Chili because it seemed every time I wanted to make it, which was on the spur of the moment, I never had all the ingredients to make it.  So I would grab this and that from the pantry or freezer as a substitute.  And it always turned out great. … Read More

Giving Thanks to Our Veterans


Today is Veterans Day and I would just like to give thanks to all those past, present and future warriors. The first years of my life was spent in the military while my dad was in the Navy.  I remember living in California and 5 years in Honolulu and what fun living some where were you could go swimming at the beach anytime you wanted to.  I think back today of when my mom would be home alone with us for 6 months at a time while my dad deployed, but what a great place to … Read More

Monday Moments with Thanksgiving Printables


Do you love printables as much as I do? You can decorate with them so easily with a refurbished frame.  Here are a few of my favs and one of these is in my home now. I am truly thankful and blessed during this season for so many reasons and since I really love chalkboard anything, this printable really stands out.  Nest of Posies has a boat load of different Thanksgiving printables to check out. What I love about this printable is you fill in what you thankful for. … Read More

The Ultimate Party for Week 35 + {FREE 2015 Blog Planner}


Welcome back to another week of  The Ultimate Party I hope everyone had a sweet Halloween and now its time to get geared up for the holiday season.   BLOGGERS!! After a year of trying to keep organized and not being able to find a blog planner that fits everything I needed, I decided to make my own and I want to share it with all of you!   You can read more about it HERE and download the file there.  Print out what pages you need, make your notebook and have fun! … Read More

No Melt Suet and Recipe


Gardening is slowing down a bit this time of the year, but its also time to get my bird feeders ready to go for the winter.   I love feeding the birds in my back yard.  Its been a passion of mine for so long.  Just watching them grab a few nibbles with their mate and seeing all the different birds in our area.  I wish we had more, but I don't live next to the forest and there aren't many trees in my area.  I planted one in the back yard and that has drawn a few to my … Read More