FREE 2015 Blog Planner {Printable}

I wanted to remind everyone, since the year is almost over, about the 2015 Blog Planner Printable I have for you to print out and use while you blog. Its free for you to enjoy and learn from. If you love to use planners, then this one has the most pages offered for a blog planner.  Just choose the ones you need and print.  

FREE 2015 Blog Planner {Printable}

The pages in the planner are:

  • Cover Page
  • 2015 Monthly Calendar
  • Future Posts
  • Weekly Post Planner
  • Expense Tracker
  • Paid Sponsor Post Tracker
  • Passwords
  • Future Projects & Ideas
  • Future Post Notes
  • Series Post Notes
  • Blogging Contacts
  • Giveaways & Reviews
  • Monthly Statistics

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Printing Holiday Pictures and {Giveaway}


Christmas is almost here and I'm here today to show you a new way to print out all your holiday pictures via your device.  So many of us now take pictures with our smart phones, but after you have taken them, what do you do next?  And hang on for a quick giveaway below. How about sending them all via the Printicular app and either pick them up at Walgreens or have them shipped to your home.   Here are the particulars -  Walgreens photo prints from your phone … Read More

Monday Moments with Christmas Table Settings


I love a beautiful table and at Christmas time, this can be so special.  My mom always puts out her best this time of the year with her Spode Christmas collection.  Its so pretty.  But what I love about it the most, is its not so special that we can't eat there.  I love it and here are a few table settings I spotted for inspiration. The first one I love because of the old style dishes being used and is so simple but elegant.  I found this at French Larkspur. … Read More

The Ultimate Party for Week 39


Welcome back to another week of  The Ultimate Party Christmas is right around the corner and I hope everyone is geared up with all your shopping and creating beautiful creations for this holiday season. I love my advent tree that represents all the names of Christ.  A great learning tool for the whole family and a way to teach children about the meaning of Christmas.  We put one tag a day on and read about that name in the Bible.  There are printable's for you to use for … Read More

My Favorite Cookies with Ernest T. Bass


Who doesn't love a Christmas Cookie Exchange?  We would like to share with you some of our favorite Christmas cookies!  We can't give you the actual cookie, but we can give you the recipes!  You can see one of my favorite Christmas cookie recipes below, and then find links to several other great Christmas cookie recipes at the bottom of this post.   We have also provided a linky on the bottom for you to link up your favorite Christmas cookies!  Come participate … Read More

DIY Christmas Advent Tree and {Printables}


Do you have a tradition of using an advent calendar for Christmas?  I recently made one but not to count the days til Christmas, but to show all the different names for Christ. I understand there are about 200 names, so my list is just a few.   What a great way to teach our children each day a different name for Christ and to read and learn about it in the Bible. I had a 3 foot tree which I used for many years on a porch.  But a few years ago, I stopped … Read More

Canon Gift Idea from Best Buy

Holiday Tree 2014

I have had my Canon T3 now for about 2 years and I will never look back on why I waited so long to purchase my camera.  My trip to the mountains I recently took on a whole new meaning because I can look back at all my pictures and have such fond memories.  I look back at my pictures from years ago using a point and shoot and I can't believe how much better quality I have now.  If any one asks what I recommend, I always say a Canon. Thinking of giving a DSLR camera for … Read More

Monday Moments with Christmas Printables


Oh my there are so many really beautiful printables out there for Christmas time.  I LOVE printables and they can really make an empty space in your home so decorated.  It was so hard to just choose 4 today, so,  I choose 6 this time. … Read More

The Ultimate Party for Week 38


Welcome back to another week of  The Ultimate Party Christmas is right around the corner and I hope everyone is geared up with all your shopping and creating beautiful creations for this holiday season. I made a Christmas Song Ornament this year and I love it.  If you are looking for an easy craft project or gift idea, here it is.   … Read More

DIY Christmas Song Glass Ornament


I love being a bit more crafty at Christmas and it usually has to do with ornaments.  I've made some with my friends and even hubby.  Even though he wasn't really into decoupage.  I will make one for myself and share with with a friend or family. This year I made a Christmas Song Ornament and its so super easy to make. … Read More