Monday Moments with Container Gardening

Are you new to gardening or don’t have space? Container gardening is the perfect solution. There are so many veggies that can be grown in small containers virtually anywhere. Even on an apartment patio, your front porch or even at work on a window sill. Veggie plants are beautiful plants. Here are a few examples of what kind of veggies you can grow and types of containers to use.

Have only a small area but you want to grow veggies or berries? How about growing them in containers and learn how with these posts.

I found a great website called Balcony & Garden Web which has so many great garden ideas. Here is a list of balcony and rooftop container garden ideas.

I love this idea from the Foodie Gardener using farm troughs for planters. She has all her garden on her back porch and it looks really nice. She also offers her suggestions on how to grow using containers.

I usually grow just one watermelon plant in my small garden area, but I have never thought about growing them in a container. You would definitely have to use a smaller variety of watermelon and that it will need to grow up on a trellis.

This is my favorite container gardening which I do also. I have a Meyer Lemon tree right now in a pot with 2 lemons growing on it the first year. But you can also grow berries in containers. This is a great post to read if you want to start growing your own berries in containers.



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