2021 Cash for Christmas Giveaway Announcement!

We are looking for bloggers to help promote this giveaway.

Who doesn’t want extra cash at Christmas?

Bloggers come and sign up to be a Co-Host in the Cash for Christmas giveaway. If you own a website and want to see more traffic, sign up today
Prizes Offered:

Several gift cards will be offered, depending on the response from participants.  Last year we gave away $675 in gift cards!

We are looking at a $100 Amazon gift card for the first prize winner, a $75 Target gift card for the second winner, and potentially more Gift Cards prizes and/or higher cash amounts.  All prize amounts will be determined by participation.

This is a great opportunity to help your blog grow.  There is a chance for more comments, views, and exposure since the giveaway will be on other blogs. We had over 41,000 entries last year!!

Giveaway Dates: November 11 -24
  • The giveaway will end at midnight Wednesday night before Thanksgiving!  I will email the code to the gift cards Thursday morning to the winners so that they will have the cash for Black Friday sales!
  • HTML code for your blog post will need to be up by: November 11 at 1 am EST.
  • Many of us will be promoting this where it is sure to be seen by many people.
  • Please only sign up if you plan on promoting as if it were your own.
  • Sign Ups to participate in the Cash for Christmas Giveaway Close: Sunday midnight, November 1.

There will be one FREE Comment Link on the Rafflecopter for everyone.  Participants will also have a picture shown.

Entry Fee:

We are ONLY offering up to 2 items for each co-host. Each item is $10 each or $20 for two.

BONUS: If you sign up for 2 items at $20, one of your 2 links will be worth 2 entries instead of 1 entry. EX: You sign up for Instagram and Twitter. Instagram will be worth 2 entries and Twitter will be worth 1 entry. The co-host will choose which entry will have 2 entries. The entrants will also be more likely to select the social media channel where they will receive 2 entries instead of 1 and where the blogger is hoping to increase their audience.

  • $10 entry fee per 1 item: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook visit, Pinterest, YouTube, or link to your newsletter/shop.


  • $20 entry fee for 2 items: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook visit, Pinterest, YouTube, or link to your newsletter/shop.

The code to put in your post will be sent to you the week of November 8th.

Entry and Payment:

**Fees are **NON REFUNDABLE** and are payable to mylifeabundantemail@gmail.com via PayPal as SENDING TO A FRIEND. However, you can add multiple blogs per person; you must sign up for each blog individually, and link fees are per blog.  All co-hosts who participate are welcome to enter the giveaway. 

**Go HERE to pay. Click on SEND MONEY from the top menu, send it to this email mylifeabundantemail@gmail.com and choose “sending to a friend” and then the correct amount.

It’s very important to choose “SENDING TO A FRIEND” using PayPal or fees will be taken out of the amount you send me. Those fees are then taken out of the amount for the gift cards. Your payment amount will be either $10 or $20.

**Go HERE to fill out the form with your links after you pay via PayPal.

**Once you have paid via PayPal, please join the Mothers Day Giveaway Facebook Group HERE.  Joining the group makes it much easier for me to communicate with everyone. All information and HTML will be in the group, for easy access.

PROFILE PICTURE: If you are new to our giveaway, please forward your profile picture to mylifeabundantemail@gmail.com. It must be at least 300 x 300 pixels in size. If you have been part of the giveaways in the past and would like to update your profile picture, please forward a new one to me and I will get it changed for you.

**If you have any questions or do not understand PLEASE email me BEFORE signing up!**

Thank you for joining us in giving a gift to our readers on this special day!

Tammy from My Life Abundant