Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with LCD Display

Recently, my husband learned he had to start taking his blood pressure regularly and report back to his doctor.  Something most have to deal with when they get older in life.  One problem with this was we didn’t have a blood pressure monitor to use and really didn’t want to go with the larger one you put on your arm and pump.  That’s really hard for one person to do on their own. 

The solution we came up with was a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with LCD Display

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with LCD Display

When I went for my latest check up, the nurse used one of these on me and I was really impressed.  Its wrapped around your wrist, turned on and your blood pressure is shown on the screen after a few seconds. 

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with LCD Display

As you can see by the picture, the numbers are large enough to read and has to be put on the inside of the wrist.  Very easy to slide your hand through the padded cuff and velcro on your wrist. 

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with LCD Display

After you press the start button, hold your hand to your chest, wait a few seconds as the pressure builds and when the air is released, your blood pressure shows on the monitor.  You can also set up the monitor with two different users (dual user mode) can save 90 different readings to the built in memory for your own FYI records. 

The price for this is perfect for my budget of under $20.00!  Taking your blood pressure is easy, painless and could save your life.  My hubby had no idea his pressure was so high until he went for dental work and his dentist took his blood pressure before she began her work.  Potentially saving his life.

I’m so glad we now have this type of blood pressure monitor.  Its easy to use, you don’t need someone else to do it for you and is easy to store away because of its size and has its own case.

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  1. I like that this blood pressure monitor is inexpensive and has a large display screen. My children’s grandmother needs something like this so I’ll pass this information along to her. #ProductReviewParty

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