The Ultimate Party on Facebook for Week 3

The Ultimate Party on Facebook is turning out to be my favorite party so far and I would love for you to join with us.

We seem to like the format below much better.

The Ultimate Party on Facebook

Last week we had 36 different Facebook statuses linked up to the party!

We were also pleased with how easy it was to add a facebook status to the party and how easy it was boost other statuses. We are going to do the party the same way this week!

To participate in today’s party:

      • First follow your hosts and co-hosts on Facebook.


Tammy from The Ultimate Linky
Tammy from My Life Abundant
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click to follow on fb
Kim from Kid Pep
Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row
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Crystal from Finding Crystal
Amber from Snapshots and Snippets
Paula from Buenos Aires
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      • Go to The Ultimate Party’s page on Facebook HERE.

      • Add one or two of your Facebook statuses that you want boosted as a comment to the top post on the page. The post says “The Ultimate Party on Facebook, Week 3!!!”


Here is how to find the URL of the Facebook post: Go to your Facebook page. Find the post you want to boost (have people like/comment/share). Click on the time under the title. I would click on “30 minutes ago.”

time for facebook.

Then go up to the browser window and copy the URL. It will look like this: URL of facebook post

Paste this URL as a comment on The Ultimate Party’s page.


      • Go and boost at least 3 other statuses for every status you link up. Like, comment, or share the other Facebook posts. I cannot be on Facebook all day! The hosts and co-hosts will do their best to boost every post, but we need your help!
      • Please follow our Facebook page (The Ultimate Party) if you want to see our updates!
      • If you wish, you can follow our Pinterest board called The Ultimate Party where all of your hosts can pin your great posts.
      • Optional: You can include your pin URL that coincides with your post on G+ so that others can pin it if they want to do so. If you repin the pin, please try to remember to include the hashtag #theultimateparty in the pin description.
      • We would love it if you grabbed our button!

The Ultimate Linky


And we would love some tweets! Thank you!

Before you link up, we have one more special feature that truly makes this Facebook party The Ultimate Party!

Every weekday except for Tuesday, you can share your posts on one of the host’s pages.

Go and link up one of your posts as a comment to the pinned post on the host’s Facebook page.

Here is the schedule:Schedule for Facebook share days

Now go HERE to party!


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Enjoy the party,