The Ultimate Party for Week 28

Welcome back to another week of  The Ultimate Party

Quick Announcement First! 


I’m so excited about this and I wanted to let my readers know first!  

Tammy from The Ultimate Linky and I are looking for some bloggers who would love to help promote a giveaway to help boost traffic to your blog.  The giveaway is for gift cards and who doesn’t love extra cash for Christmas shopping.

The giveaway will be during our Christmas blog hop.  You are not required to participate in the blog hop, but will have to post the giveaway on your blog by November 14.  Tammy at The Ultimate Linky hosts some really great seasonal and holiday blog hops.  

You can read all about it HERE and to see if you would like to participate.

Any questions, please let us know.

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Fantabulous Favorites Party

We are having a Fall blog hop and would love to have you participate with your favorite Fall posts.


I am offering a fall printable called I Love Fall.   

The Ultimate Party for Week 28

This week I posted about the rest of our 2 day trip to 3 different springs and the beach.  What a great little trip it was and who doesn’t love going to the beach.  

My Favorite Post from Last Weeks Party


I’m loving all the food for tailgating and parties for football season and Amanda at Old House to New Home has a great list of 15 different dip recipes that will sure to be a hit at your next party.

Now on to the party!

We would love to have more co-hosts for this party! We are looking for people that already participate in this party to co-host for 1-4 weeks at a time. We would ask for you to be available for at least half of the day (8-2 or 2-7 EST) where you could get on periodically and comment, +1, and share posts. Your link would be right after the hosts on the linky, and we would ask that everyone follow you on G+. If you would like to be considered to be a co-host, please contact Tammy from The Ultimate Linky HERE or let us know on The Ultimate Party Google+ page.

The Ultimate Party for Week

Why do we do a G+ party at all, and why do we do it on Fridays?

  1. Posting on G+ helps with SEO optimization.
  2. Posting on G+ helps your posts get ranked higher in Google’s search engine.
  3. Friday is supposed to be the best time for interaction on G+, specifically between 11a.m. – 2 p.m. and 7 – 10 p.m. We will leave the linky open until 9 p.m. for the West Coast bloggers and for those who work during the day. Kim will hang out with you in the evening as many of your hosts live in the EST/CST time zones and have to be off our computers at that time. Please link up as early as possible so that you get the most interaction on your posts.
  4. To help you gain more followers on G+. (We’ll have a G+ circle that we share every week for those who link up.)
  5. To interact with and get to know other bloggers. Most parties you follow people and never interact. Here you get to see who has the same interests/niche as you do!
  6. BECAUSE IT’S FUN!! Why do a party if it isn’t going to be fun?

Here is a little extra information for this party:

  1. You can follow our G+ page (The Ultimate Party) if you want to see our updates and see who we feature during the party.
  2. If you wish, you can follow our Pinterest board called The Ultimate Party where all of your hosts can pin your great posts.
  3. Optional: You can include your pin URL that coincides with your post on G+ so that others can pin it if they want to do so. You would say something like, “Try out my family’s favorite Easter pie. It’s the best pie ever! Go here to see the recipe: http://theultimatelinky/ . . . Pin it for later: . . .) #theultimateparty” If you repin the pin, please try to remember to include the hashtag #theultimateparty in the pin description.
  4. We would love it if you grabbed our button!
The Ultimate Linky


I also would love any tweets you could do to help spread the word about this party! The more people that come, the more your posts will be boosted!



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