Packing Healthy Snacks for a Day Trip

Oh hubby and I do love taking our day trips.  We can make a day out of it just going to an appointment or to the store.  We love going down side roads and looking at the scenery or homes.  But for every trip we take, we must pack a few essentials. And healthy snacks are the first thing I grab.

Packing Healthy Snacks for a Day Trip

We have gone to so many wonderful places the past few months here in Central Florida and most just a couple hours away.  We have decided many times first thing in the morning to hope and the car and go.

Blue Spring

We’ve visited some beautiful springs.

Daytona Beach

We’ve gone from one coast of Central Florida…

Citrus County

to the other coast of Central Florida.

Bok Towers

We’ve enjoyed beautiful gardens….

Volusia County Fair

and fun County Fairs.

But for every trip we take, we always pack a few things for us to have and eat.  We don’t stop for snacks anymore. They just aren’t the right choice for us.

Before we walk out the door, I grab my camera, a couple of refillable water bottles, my phone (to keep us from getting lost – it has happened) and snacks.  Gotta have a few snacks.

Packing Healthy Snacks for a Day Trip

I adore chocolate, but I don’t need all that sugar and junk we find in our food today.  Recently I have discovered a wonderful healthy snack called Zone Perfect.  Let me tell you, this bar is a perfect solution for me.  Its a great mid day snack that really has loads of great flavor, low in calories and the protein I need.  And it curbs my chocolate fix in a healthy way.

Here are some other yummy flavors to choose from –

• Almond Toffee Crunch
• Bing Cherry & Almond
• Roasted Cashew & Dark Chocolate

These are the perfect choices for a quick healthy snack and be sure to grab the $1.00 off coupon to sweeten the deal.  I know the kids will enjoy these too.

I would love to know what #FeelGooder Zone Perfect bar you would love to try.

Snack Good. Feel Gooder.



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  1. All of your photos are so pretty! My hubby and I love day trips, too, and we can make a day out of just about any appointment.

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