Office Chums and Giveaway

I love gadgets. 

Especially those which help me keep organized, make my life easier and work well with my computer.  One of the problems I face almost everyday is not having enough USB ports on either my desktop or my netbook.  I’m constantly looking at pictures with my card reader, using my VOIP phone and I have 2 ports being used for my keyboard and mouse.  I have tried a few USB hubs in the past, but they just don’t seem to last or aren’t the correct speed for my computer.

When I was contacted by Office Chums about reviewing their USB hub, I didn’t have to think twice.  I only have one empty USB port that worked on the front of my desktop and all my ports in the back are full.  I couldn’t wait until it came in the mail.


Yes, you are seeing this correctly.  My new USB port is a piggy with little piglets!!!

How cute is this to have on your desk?  Office Chums also has a dog with her puppies and a cat with her kittens.  I think this would make such a cute Mother’s Day gift for a mom to sit on her desk.  I know this is making you smile right now!

Office Chums and Giveaway

When the pig is plugged into your cmputer, you know its working because its eyes light up.  Each piglet has a retracting “nose” for safety and does come with one lanyard to connect to one of the piggies tails so you can carry your piggy every where.  The 3 port hub is compatible with Mac and Windows.  When each piggie is plugged in the port, its eyes also light up to tell you it is working correctly.  The “nose” easily slides out with the help of a slide button on the bottom.

Office Chums and Giveaway

Each piggie also has the capability of holding a mini SD card in its “nose” (see picture above).  Here is a link to watch a video on how to use the mini SD card with your piggy.  So many devices today have the mini SD cards to hold pictures, files, etc.  Not only adorable and cute but a great working USB hub for your office or home.

I have been using this hub for a few weeks now and love it.  One of my biggest complaints with USB ports or hubs is when I want to look at pictures on my SD card, I hate having to wait and wait before they all finally show up.  My card will hold hundreds of pictures and most of the time I have to walk away from the computer until all the pictures are downloaded.  Not with the PigHub.  That little piggy is fast!

For those who would like to purchase one of the hubs, Office Chums is offering 20% off your purchase using LIFEABUND20 at checkout.

Office Chums is offering one PigChum set to one luck reader!  The hub will also come with an 8g mini SD card with adapter. The giveaway lasts until March 31st at midnight.

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    1. I know. I just thought it was so cute to have on your desk. A little quirky and cute all in one. Thanks for stopping by

  1. Yay! Something practical and cute. How could you not love one of these in your office? lol Thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway. I like the Cat with her kitties.

  2. Totally adorable! I would love these. My kids would probably find a way to explain why they would need this too. Crossing my fingers that I win….

  3. That is the cutest USB I have ever seen! I’m in desperate need of a cute USB since I’m constantly bringing in files to Office Depot to print. And one with eyes that light up? NEED. šŸ™‚

  4. Wow! How cute!! I actually think I like the piggies better. They just look adorable compared to the other two. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  5. I love them all, but if I had to pick, it would be the pigs :). I had a pet pig for a little while and it reminds me of him!

  6. They all are adorable! Love the hard covers as well, they should make mouse pads! I would have to say the cats!

  7. OMG this is so stinkin’ cute! Too bad I missed this giveaway because I sure do need a fast USB hub. #ProductReviewParty

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