My Life in Better Light + {Giveaway}

As I have aged, my eyes have become more and more dependent on bright light to see.  I will stand by a window or go outside to read something in small print.

Not anymore!  I was recently introduced to better light for indoors.

My Life in Better Light + {Giveaway}

I’m at my desk a lot during the day and I need great light to do all my work.  I do have a window close to my desk but as the day goes on, the light diminishes.  Leaving me to depend on man made light.

My Life in Better Light + {Giveaway}

My desk with yellow hard to read by light. Thank goodness I can turn up the brightness on my monitor.

But when OttLite sent me one of their desktop lights, I was singing praises of having white and very bright light at my desk.

My Life in Better Light + {Giveaway}

Just WOW was all I could say when I turned on this LED Desk Space Organizer Lamp by OttLite.

When I took the two pictures above, I didn’t change any settings on my camera.  The light on my desk went from dull yellow to bright white light.  No more eye strain or glare to see small letters.

I love this light.

I love sitting at my desk and working now.

Here are some other features.

My Life in Better Light + {Giveaway}

There are four brightness settings for this light.  I prefer number 3 the best.  Not too bright but enough to illuminate my desk space.

My Life in Better Light + {Giveaway}

The neck on this light can swivel sideways and up and down.

My Life in Better Light + {Giveaway}

The touch turn off and on is located where the organizer area is.  Love that feature too. I remember when touch lights came out all those years ago but I never owned one. Now I not only own a touch light but have a bit more space on my desk which I really need.

I love that I now have a more natural light setting in my home.  The OttLite was invented by Dr. John Ott, the founder of time lapse photography.  Who better to know about light then a photographer. There is so much to look for in the right LED light and OttLite has those features.

My Life in Better Light + {Giveaway}

OttLite is giving away one of these LED Desk Space Organizer Lamps to one of my readers!  OttLite knows how much my readers are at their desks and wants one of you to enjoy this light too.

The giveaway starts on February 24th and ends at midnight on March 3rd and must be over 18 years of age. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the email and if after 48 hours I haven’t heard from the winner,  a new winner will be chosen.

If you don’t win this great light, you can still enjoy savings with 30% off any purchase on OttLite using coupon code OttliteLED30 through May 31, 2016. (Only USA customers can purchase through OttLite)

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  1. I have trouble seeing even with glasses. This LED would help in putting on makeup, read and doing my nails. Love the sleek design and that it swivels. Thanks so much.

  2. I am on my computer on a full-time basis. I use it to work, pay bills, admire our grandchildren’s photos, to keep up with family who live far away and so much more. This would be fantastic for me! Thank you for the chance.

  3. During the day I have a good amount of natural light, but at night I don’t and sometimes I am working at night. It’s a cute little light I will have to check into it.

  4. I’ve been working from my kitchen table this winter because I don’t have enough light at my desk. I’ll have to check this light out, I love that it’s an organizer as well.

  5. I would definitely read in bed with that awesome little light. Thanks for the giveaway, Tammy. I love little portable lights like that :).

  6. Such a wonderful giveaway! This would be perfect for my desk in night. Love your Blog Planner.

  7. White light is definitely better than a yellow one when you’re working on a computer. It should help your eyes with the LCD. Thanks for sharing your experience with the OttLite, it sounds and looks amazing!

  8. I need one of these badly. I have yellow light in my room and my office and I can’t stand it. I love the bright white lights, so much easier to read and work.

  9. I would use for my computer which would be nice so I don’t have to use the big floor lamp while hubby is watching T.V.

  10. I also use a white light desk lamp. It is so much easier on my eyes! It is also more energy efficient. I love that your lamp has 4 different brightness settings. That is awesome!

  11. I need a desk so I could use a lamp like this. We moved in August and my husband has yet to set my desk up. Once he does I’d love this for doing my work in my dingy basement!

  12. I would do all of my hand-stitching in my art studio and finally be able to see! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

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