Monthly Blog Stats & Helpful Hints #15

Welcome!  Its time for another monthly blog stats and helpful hints post. Just picking up a few helpful hints I hope will make a difference in our blogs growth in the future and keeping them in a Pinterest blogging board for future reference.

I hope you will also join us in the Personal Goals and Priorities in 2014 linky and let us know how you are doing with your personal and blogging goals.  More information to follow below.

Monthly Blog Stats & Helpful Hints

So lets get busy making your blog grow!

Its a new year and I’m so excited to see how my stats have gone up on my blog and along with the income.  I can safely say now I can pay for my expenses of blogging and hoping to much more as the year goes on.

Monthly Blog Stats & Helpful Hints #15

Spreading Google Love

We have to admit that Google is king when it comes to all of us wanting our blog to be high in stats.  But trying to get there can be hard to understand sometimes.

One thing I have learned and do sometimes (I need to do much more) is spread more posts with high traffic.

Next question:  Where do I find out the highest traffic posts?

First, you need to have a Google Analytic account.  Which means you need a Google account to sign in.  After you sign up your blog, you will need to add a tracking code to your blog.  Its pretty easy to do.  I also would suggest a Google Analytic plugin for your WordPress blog.  This will show you a months worth of stats for your blog on your dashboard. I personally use the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin.  Very basic and easy to set up.

After a few days, sign into your Google Analytic account page and you will see graphs for tons of different things on your blog.

To find out where your highest traffic posts are:

Look on the left side for Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

You will see your highest traffic posts in order.  Interesting what you learn here.

Next.  Look for some posts which don’t have much traffic or authority.  Then take your higher traffic posts and repost them with links to the low traffic posts.

Ex:  Take a craft you have done which had a lot of traffic and put a link to another craft project which didn’t do that well with viewers.  

The whole purpose of this is to keep your readers on your blog as long as possible.  By sharing the Google love you are helping your stats all around.  If you watch your Alexa stats, this will help raise those stats also.

*    *    *    *

Goal reach right now is to have 10,000 views in a month!

Now on to my stats for the end of February:

Total for 2014 = $780.12 

Google adsense:  $2.35 = $6.85 for 2015
Media Net:  $.36 = $.81 for 2015
Affiliate income: 0
BlogHer – $100 = $100 for 2015
Total for 2015 = $107.66

Monthly user visits:  1588
Unique monthly visitors: 1975
Monthly page views: 6672
Average page views per visit: 3.38
Average visit duration: 2:00 minutes

February was a stressful month for my blog and myself.  The server I was on was hit by a DDOS bug which compromises the server and causes my blog not to work well or at all.  Nothing I did.  My server was sick.  I was on the phone with customer service for 4 weeks with this problem and my solution was to put my blog on a dedicated domain.  Did it help?  Oh my yes.  My blog is running so much better now.  I will discuss this more in detail next month.  I am letting my blog run for a good month before I report to you about my findings.  My views to my blog dropped during that period, but seems to be coming back.  I love that my bounce rate and speed site is so much better now.

Google: 0
Pinterest: 1308
Facebook: 1265
Twitter: 1239
Google+: 905
Instagram: 570

If you have any questions about any of the items discussed, please let me know and be sure to check out my past posts for Blog Stats & Helpful Hints.

How are your goals coming along so far?

Keep on bloggin!


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  1. Thank you for the post! It is nice to see an income report….it seems like so many bloggers refuse to say how much they’re making and I don’t know if I’m doomed to failure because I don’t have any comparison. I’m just starting out and trying to learn as much as I can. (Always taking advice!)
    p.s. I found your post via “Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop” on Recipes for our Daily Bread. Thank you for hosting, by the way.
    p.p.s. Going to check out your Pinterest right now!

    1. Thank Jennifer for stopping by!! Be sure to stop by and see what my totals were for 2014. That may be a bit clearer because I started back to zero in 2015. Please ask away on questions.

      1. Went and checked it out. Thanks! I also bookmarked your site so I can stop by more often. Thank you, thank you reporting the sites that pay for posts. I realize I need certain traffic requirements to get good offers, but hard to find a reputable place.

  2. I just changed the linky so that it will show up for you! I cannot figure out what to do for BlogHer! Anyway, I can’t wait to read about your dedicated server. My hosting is up in April, and I will have to either stay with them or go somewhere new.

    1. BlogHer has just been Facebook posts for now and I guess that might be because I have over 1200+ fan likes. Nothing for posts on the blog though. Thanks for changing the time.

  3. I know that sick feeling when something is wrong with your blog or server. I sympathize. I love that you share your experiences. How motivating for others!

    1. It was so frustrating Scarlet and there was nothing I could really do. Especially when you get a different answer for the problem from every tech I talked with. Finally glad it was straightened out.

  4. I really need to do this Tammy. I have some Minecraft shoes I did forever ago that are still one of my top hits every day. I use a related posts plug in but I like your advice to link specific posts. I think I need more control over where I want to try to send readers from some of my most popular posts. Great advice, as always. I’m looking forward to reading about your new server next month!

    1. I’ve read some articles on related posts and there wasn’t good reports about them. Seems the actual links and not a plugin did better with Google.

  5. So I’m totally going to add the google tracker to my blog. I don’t do ad-sense because I honestly don’t enjoy the ads they post, but I’ll reconsider since I see they have helped your stats. I also pinned this post. Thanks so much for your input! 🙂

  6. Thanks Tammy for taking the time to share your experience with Google Analytics and your results. It can be confusing to new bloggers, they need all the help they can in a layman terms.
    Thanks too for sharing on Friday Features this week.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. That’s awful that that happened! I’m glad you were able to get it straightened out. My views have taken a hit since Christmas – I’ve been chalking it up to the after Christmas slump.

  8. I love posts like this. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had so much trouble. Thanks for linking up at the Home Matters Linky Party. #homematterparty

    1. Thank you Alyssa. Sad thing about DDOS, it can hit any server and did hit a lot of them last year. Learning more and more about protecting my blog.

  9. That’s a good tip about linking higher traffic posts to lower ones. I definitely need to update my highest viewed post written years ago!

    Did you say your BogHer income was from Facebook likes or did I misunderstand the comments? I haven’t signed up for ad networks yet, still so hesitant, I don’t like not being able to control ads on my blog. I still only provide affiliate links for items I use myself. But as you can guess, very little income with this approach 🙂

    1. HI Tanya. I’m thinking the reason why I am getting these offers from Blog Her is because I have over 1200+ fans on my blogs Facebook fan page. I do FB posts for them, but no blog post offers yet. Affiliate links haven’t been working for me at all.

  10. This was incredibly helpful! I started blogging back in October and added Google AdSense and Affiliate ads in January. I have made very little money (I’m in it because I really love doing this but I wouldn’t mind making some money too). I was worried that maybe I’ve been doing something wrong with the affiliate ads because I’ve made a grand total of $.25 and it makes me feel a little better that I’m not the only one. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Don’t give up on Adsense. The more traffic you receive, the more income will come in. My first year I only made $100. But that was $100 more than I had and was able to put it back into the blog. Be sure to stop by monthly for our blog tip posts.

  11. Thank you for sharing- I’m new to all of this so I’m always looking for information about what works for others- I appreciate your transparency.

    I stopped by from Wonderful Wednesday.

  12. Love your insight and helpful hints! Thank you for your honesty! I would love for you to share this on my new link party Making Memories Mondays going on now!

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