Monday Moments with Valentine Boxes

I remember, many, many years ago…the Valentine Boxes we use to make at school to sit out.  I couldn’t wait to see all the Valentines awaiting me when we had our class party.  There are so many great ideas for boxes out there and here are a few to be inspired with.

Monday Moments with Valentine Boxes

This sweet little heart bag looks pretty easy to make by Meaningful Mama.  Its just adorable and looks like a teddy bear.  Made with a Kraft bag and a few other odds and ends.

Have a cereal box in the home?  Then you can make the next Valentines Box by The Rounded Nest.  These are just perfect to hang on the back of each students chair.  So cute!!

How about a Valentines Box that looks like and owl?  Simple As That shows you, well……its simple as that to make this adorable box with wrapping paper and construction paper. Adorable.

I LOVE this PIGGY!!!  Being a farm girl at heart, I just love how this adorable box turned out by Giggles Galore.  Made with a bleach bottle and a few other things.  Its just precious.  She also show how to make a few other boxes.



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