Monday Moments with Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

What a wonderful Thanksgiving meal we had this year but so many leftovers and you can only pass out so much.  We have dinner over at my moms house but the next day she always goes on a week long cruise and I have to bring all the left overs home.  Not a bad thing but I needed to find some recipes and here is a few I found which really made my mouth water.

Monday Moments with Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

A classice recipe called Turkey Tetrazzini is the perfect solution for all that left over turkey.  The Life Jolie has this classic recipe to share with you.

You can’t have leftovers without making The Ultimate Leftover Turkey Club Sandwich.  I’m not a big fan of cranberry sauce, but this sandwich really looks good.  I will be using Oh Sweet Basil’s recipe this weekend with my leftovers.

I’m also not a huge stuffing fan but this is a great recipe by Life Tastes Good to use your leftover stuffing and turkey.  It really does look yummy

Nothing warms me up more than a good bowl of hot soup.  Why not use all those leftovers for Homemade Turkey Soup! Man Titlement has an easy recipe to follow to make this tummy warming soup.



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