Monday Moments with Super Bowl Snacks

WOOHOO!  Its Super Bowl week and even though my beloved Dolphins won’t be playing (again), I still enjoy watching the game, loving the commercials and just having special time with hubby.  We both love football so much, our teams playing each other (GO MIZZOU) and when the Super Bowl is over, we start planning to watch the Draft in April.

I always make something good for us to eat on Super Bowl and this year I found some really yummy snacks.  Hubby and I watch what we eat during the year, but when it comes to Super Bowl food, we just can’t help ourselves.  I might tweak the recipes a bit so they aren’t so full of fat.  Maybe.

Monday Moments with Super Bowl Snacks

Really?  Bacon Wrapped Cheese Hot Dogs?!?!  Do I need to say more.  My hubby will love these for sure.

Again, really?  Bacon Double Cheese Burger Dip just makes my mouth water.  You have to serve some kind of a dip during the Super Bowl.

These Jalapeno Popper Cheese Pretzel Bites look so ewey and gooey and yummy.  These are made from scratch and with yeast, but I think I will give them a try.

And every Super Bowl party has to have some kind of wrapped hot dogs and these look extra special good.  Mini Corn Dog Muffins make the perfect finger food.  I bet the kids would eat these up.


I have one of my favorite Super Bowl eats and thats my Chicken Taco Nachos which are too easy to make and will go quick.

Be sure to check out my Super Bowl East Pinterest board.  I have been storing so many recipes there.



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