Monday Moments with St. Patrick’s Food

I’m not Irish.  Well, I think there might be a bit of Irish blood in me.  We sure do have a lot of true red heads in our family.  When I was looking for Irish food, I really didn’t know what to look for.  Here are a few examples of St. Patrick’s Day food I found to try.

Monday Moments with St. Patrick's Food

Lets start with an appetizer.  Seems potatoes is a huge dish used often with the Irish and I love the idea of these Irish Potato Bites by Home Made Interest.  I would enjoy these all year long.

Here is a different recipe.  Maybe or maybe not.  Bangers & Mash by Self Proclaimed Foodie really looks like Sausage & Mashed Potatoes to me.  And it looks really good.  Love the idea of Onion Gravy to pour on top.  A must try.

And for something to wash all that goodness down, how about a Shamrock Shake by Mom Endeavors.  Even though its green, not my favorite color, but I do love mint flavored ice cream.

I had to add this last appetizer made with potato slices. These Irish Nachos look so good by Cooking with Curls.  Covered in all that cheese and bacon. So good.



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