Monday Moments with St. Patrick’s Crafts

I have to admit, green is not my favorite color and I stay away from it as much as possible.  It may have to do with being in Girl Scouts for 12 years and always having to wear my green uniform.  But, I know the little ones love to make crafts that deal with St. Patrick’s and here are a few I found to pass along today.

Monday Moments with St. Patrick's Crafts

What good leprechaun would be caught with out his hat? (I had to look up how to spell leprechaun) 😉  Classic Play shows how easy it is to make these cute hats.

I have used food to make crafts before but I’ve never thought about using marshmallows.  The Pinterested Parent shows several cute ideas using different items to make crafts for St. Patrick’s Day.

I really love this project!!  Crafty Morning teaches us how to use a fork to make this adorable leprechaun face.  I know the kids will love doing this project.

This last project may not be for everyone, but it really does look neat to make.  St. Patrick’s Slime!!  How fun!!  Little Bin’s for Little Hands has the perfect science recipe to follow.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day,


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