Monday Moments with Spring Cleaning Printables

Oh my spring is right around the corner and for me, and I’m sure a lot of you, its time to do some serious deep cleaning.  And wouldn’t life be easier if you had a list of items to check off that need to be done every year to help you remember.  I know I need lists to help me remember many things as I have aged.  Here is a great selection of spring cleaning printables to choose from.

Monday Moments with Spring Cleaning Printables

First, I love the idea of having tips for cleaning from room to room.  A very detailed list for your to follow for each room in your home and then a printable/checklist version at the end of the post.

I love this idea of having a reusable cleaning list to check off as you go and then wipe off when finished and stored for the next cleaning job.  This project does need a laminator, but you could use laminating sheets that you can buy or contact paper.

What I love about the next list is that its in the form of a 31 day calendar.  Easy to follow and check of.  This would be perfect to hang in the closet with all your cleaning items.

Now for the basic cleaning which you could do in a year, I love this one for myself, how about a yearly check off printable list for the year.



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