Monday Moments with Spring Cleaning Checklists

Hubby and I have been doing some serious cleaning around the inside and outside of our home the past few weeks.  I don’t even want to think about how dirty behind our bed was!  The dust was bad and it takes both of us to move that bed to get back there.  I know I just cleaned there a few months ago.  Its time for me to make a check list of cleaning.  Here are a few I found.

Monday Moments with Spring Cleaning Checklists

I love colorful anything and this check list by Not Quite Susie Homemaker is what I was looking for in a check list.  It has items you don’t normally clean on a weekly or daily basis.  I plan to print and laminate this one and hang in my cleaning closet to check off as we go.

Parents, here is a great list for the kids to follow before they are allowed Screen Time.  Your Modern Family has the perfect list for kids to follow and with summer vacation coming up, a great time to teach the kids responsibilities of living in a home.

This list is so handy to have too.  Little House on the Corner has made several different cleaning lists for different areas of the home on a weekly or monthly basis.  I love it and the kids could carry this around with them to check off themselves.

I love a challenge and this would be great to do for spring cleaning if you are wanting to get the job done in a 30 day challenge.  Popsugar has a great checklist to print out and start the challenge.



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