Monday Moments with Simple Camping Hacks

I really love going camping ever since Girl Scouts. We went several times a year for several years until I graduated from high school. I learned a lot from camping. Every camp site needs some simple ideas to make camping easier. Here are a few simple camping hacks I found to try.

Simple Camping Hacks

Every camp site has a fire pit and every camper should have an easy way to store matches and a way to strike them. Craftaholics Autonomous has the perfect solution with Baby Food Container Match Holders. I will be making the Mason Jar version for my kitchen.

Starting a camp fire can be a chore if the wood is wet and you can’t find kindling. Here is a really easy fire starter by Over the Big Moon. Every home has these products and the kids would get a kick out of making a few of these for the next camping trip.

Eggs are fragile, so why not have them ready to pour in the fry pan and know how many eggs you have. Storing pre-scrambled eggs is easy and Life Hacker will show you how to make this item.

Every home has empty pill bottles around so why not use them to store a small First Aid kit. Chasing Green shows you how super easy this is to make and other ideas to use the pill bottles with.



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