Monday Moments with School Lunch Box Ideas

My son took his lunch until he was in Junior High school.  It had to be boring for him with the same thing in his lunch box every school day.  I would know when he didn’t like what I packed for him because it wasn’t eaten.  Ugh!!  Here are some great lunch box ideas for your child this school year.

Monday Moments with School Lunch Box Ideas

One thing which I always found hard for lunch boxes was healthy food.  Simple as That has many ideas on that subject.  I love the idea of using silicon cupcake liners to hold items in the lunch box.

I love this genius idea.  A way to get your childs cut up apple to school without it turning brown.  Passions for Savings shows you how to do this.

Another page of a lot of lunch box ideas from the Kids Activities Blog.  My favorite is using a sponge for an ice pack.  Genius again!!

I recently started reading about Bentos and love this great idea.  The perfect way to keep each item clean and flavors not mixing together and reusable too.  Meet the Dubeins has several examples of using the Bentos and what to pack for lunch.



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