Monday Moments with Pumpkin Recipes

I’ve been smelling all the lovely smells of fall lately when I walk into the grocery store.  All the pumpkin and spices and I just want to grab it all and run out of the store.  Its just so dreamy, warm and comfy.  Can you tell I love the taste of fall?  Here are a few really yummy pumpkin recipes I hope you enjoy this season.

Monday Moments with Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin Bread is a staple in my house this time of the year.  I can’t wait for pumpkin in a can goes on sale because I’m first in line to load up my cart.  Sally’s Baking Addictions version of this sounds perfectly divine.  I think I will make a loaf this afternoon.

Layered Pumpkin Delight looks extremely creamy, smooth and its easy to make.  I make another version of this cake with chocolate pudding and is my hubby’s favorite dessert.  But I have never thought of making it with pumpkin.  Be sure to check out Lil Luna’s recipe for this yummy dessert.  Oh and this dessert needs to stay in the fridge.

I love Carrot Cake but adding pumpkin just takes it to another level.  This recipe is found on the Gold Medal blog and looks so good.  What a beautiful presentation this cake would make for your holiday table.

Peach cobbler is a must here in the south but how about a Pumpkin Peach Cobbler.  What?  Warm and with ice cream on top.  YES!!  And don’t forget to throw on a few pecans too.  You must stop by Laurens’ Latest and just drool over the pictures of this dessert.



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