Monday Moments with Mother’s Day Gifts Made with Love

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I know I always enjoyed something made by my son as a gift.  I didn’t care what it was.  He made it and it was always so precious to me.  I still have a couple of them I will always cherish.  Here are a few ideas you can help your kids to make for Mother’s Day.

Monday Moments with Mother's Day Gifts Made with Love

This is such a cute idea.  A frame with the child’s hand print on it.  I know the kids would love to make something like that.  Lil Luna has the printable for you to print and just add the hand prints.

And how about something elegant.  Mom’s need something like this now and again.  This gold leaf planter is really easy to make and with the succulents,  for those mom’s with a brown thumb, this will be a long lasting gift.  The directions are easy to follow with nice pictures.

How about a thumb print family tree.  This is so adorable!!  There is a printable of the tree, easy instructions with great pictures to follow.  I know every mom would love this gift.

I love this project.  So cute!  Magnets with family pictures on them.  So cute to use virtually any where.  With the kids school papers they want you to display, important papers, etc.

And I know mom’s work so hard every day and need a little something to fall back on to give them a bit of a boost.  How about a Mommy Survival Kit.  You could put virtually anything in it, but this list of items are always in need.

I love the smell of lemons and its always great in getting rid of those awful smells we get on our hands.  I love the idea of a Lemon Sugar Scrub to keep by the sink.  Not only will it get rid of those smells but it keep your hands exfoliated and young looking.

Happy Mothers Day,


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