Monday Moments with Mother’s Day Cards

Sending cards seems to becoming a lost art.  But I love sending and receiving cards in the mail.  For any occasion.  Knowing someone took the time to write me a note and sent it to me.  Means so much.  So, how about making Mom a card and sending one to her this year.  Here are a few examples to make and send.

Monday Moments with Mother's Day Cards

Heres a cute idea by Crafty Mom for the kids to make for mom or grandma.  Using fingerprints go along way when making something special.

If you want already made cards to just print out here are several by The Alison Show.  So beautiful.  I love all the flowers and so many to choose from.

This homemade card is just too cute!!  Using several colors of construction paper is such a great idea by Twitchetts.  Another cute card to make with the kids.

She’s Kind of Crafty has another ready to print Mothers Day card ready for you to print out and mail.  I love the bicycle in the picture with flowers in the basket.  Adorable.



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