Monday Moments with Menu Planners

With the beginning of fall comes all the extra activities for school and the holidays.  Always being prepared will make those days go by much easier.  One way I battle these next few months is making sure I have my menus planned out.  I love using menu planner that I can print out.  It also helps with figuring up my grocery list for the week.  Here are a few wonderful examples of menu planners.

Monday Moments with Menu Planners

First we have a nice printable a weekly menu and shopping list planner by DIY Home Sweet Home.  What I love about this printable is you can plan your meals and write out your shopping list on the same sheet.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Back to Her Roots takes it a step further and adds an area to log your work out time along with meals for the week.  Another genius idea.

What I love about this menu planner is Homemade by Carmona has different meal items she can arrange by ideas.  Watch her video on how she uses this system.  I love it.

This idea has to be my favorite.  Why not make a bunch of meal ideas on paper, cut out and use on a magnet board.  I love you can pick out a whole weeks of meals that stay on the wall where the family can see whats coming up.  This one is time consuming to make but the Thinking Closet shows you how to make it.



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