Monday Moments with Lunch Box Hacks

While I worked, I hardly ever ate out. I preferred to bring my own lunch to save money and know that I was getting much better selections. The same can be for our children’s lunch boxes for school.  Here are some time saving and very tasty ideas for lunch box hacks.

Make getting everyone out the door on school day with lunch box hacks and ideas. These are simple and will make your kids shout for more

Sandwiches don’t have to be boring. A Latte Food has the perfect example of a Skewer Turkey Sandwich.  I would serve this at a party!

One of my fav hacks by Soup Spice Everything Nice is using a Mason jar with a Apple Sauce container to keep crackers and spreads apart. Nothing worse than soggy crackers.

Another great idea for sandwiches which any kid would love is Monster shaped sandwiches by Land O Moms. Easy to make with cookie cutters and fun to eat.

Every lunch box needs a way to keep them cool and a very inexpensive way of doing that is with wet sponges. Mama Cheaps shows you how she makes this inexpensive lunch box hack.

Krazy Coupon Lady has several ideas and hacks for lunch boxes to try. I really loved making your own version of Lunchables. Cheaper and healthier for sure.

How about some Bug Snacks for your childs lunch box. Crafting Chicks has a great idea for these.

Lil Luna shows that a eye pleasing lunch box will have any child wanting more each day. Cutting cheese into shapes is a perfect example.

And for moms and dads trying to get everyone out the door every morning, how about having a Grab and Go snack station for items to put in lunch boxes. Real Simple shows a couple examples of this idea.