Monday Moments with Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Its that time of the year again and are you wondering what you, your kids or the whole family will dress up as this Halloween?  Are you on a budget this year?  Here are some quick, fast and easy Halloween costumes to put together in the last minute.

Monday Moments with Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Super easy prisoner costume to make.  Tshirt, pants and duct tape is on the short list of items to make this cute costume by Crafts by Amanda.

If I was going to a Halloween party this year, I would so dress in this minion costume.  Got a pair of overalls?  See how One Creative Housewife made these adorable costumes for her kids.

How about dressing up as a Gumball Machine!  Tshirts from Walmart and a few other items from the Dollar Store and you have a quick and easy costume for pennies. Dukes and Duchesses will show you how to make this costume.

Here is another example of frugal costume making by Dukes and Duchesses.  Such a cute idea!  A flower pot costume with fake flowers and plastic pot from the Dollar Store.

I remember trying to figure out costumes for my little boy and here is the perfect idea just for the males in your family.  Stick Man by All for the Boys.  She also shows other costumes for boys.

Lastly, here is a great post if you are really on a budget and don’t have much to spend on Halloween in general.  Costumes and treats don’t have to cost a lot and Don’t Waist the Crumbs will show you how to save this Halloween.



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