Monday Moments with Kitchen Organization

I don’t know what it is about the new year, but I have to start organizing everything.  Maybe its while I am taking the Christmas tree down, I realize everything is not where they are suppose to be.  I will be starting off with my kitchen this year and here are a few ideas I will be using.

Monday Moments with Kitchen Organization

I.  Adore.  This.  Stand!  I would love to have this on an island with all the small stuff just lying around on the kitchen cabinets. Two Twenty One shows us how she used it in her kitchen.  So cute!!

I found this to be an extremely clever idea to store potatoes and onions.  I don’t have a large pantry and this would work perfectly for me.  Check out how Mimi’s Crafty World organized some of her kitchen cabinets.

I have seen these can holders before and thought I would love to have them in my kitchen.  Look at the space you can save.  Decorating Your Small Space has several ideas for small kitchens.

I do have these containers waiting to be used in my pantry and I can’t wait to organize my messy pantry with them.  I just love how they stack up and keep things fresh.  Chez Larsson shows us how she organized her pantry with tons of storage ideas.

Enjoy and Happy New Year,


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  1. That stand with the plants and fruit is adorable! I’m with you on the love for that. I really want to focus on organizing my kitchen. I feel like if I can make it prettier, maybe I’ll cook more :). Thanks for the inspiration, my friend! Pinning.

    1. I want that stand so much for my kitchen and my next organization project is my pantry. I know there are some items there which need to be purged they are so old.

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