Monday Moments with Hot Dog Recipes

We love grilling anything on the grill and everyone loves hamburgers and hot dogs. But, I’m always looking for new and interesting versions of any recipe and hot dogs was at the top of my list. Here are a few recipes for a new twist on just the usual grilled hot dog.


I loved this idea for a hot dog recipe and I know the grandkids will really love it. Pizza Hotdogs by Simply Stacy is the perfect idea for the whole family.

This Hawaiian Hot Dog recipe really caught my eye by The Endless Meal. Pineapples and a teriyaki mayo will make this dog something special to eat.

The Food Charlatan claimes this is the Best Hot Dog You Will Ever Eat. Well, after seeing her recipe, I will have to agree. Now I will have to make this one for sure.

Any website called Butter Your Biscuit must have some really good recipes. I found Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs and yes, I think I might have found another hot dog recipe I must try.



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