Monday Moments with Hot Cocoa Recipes

One of my most favorite guilty pleasures during those cold days and nights is a nice cup of hot cocoa. I’ve been drinking Girl Scout Cocoa for so many years now. But, when I am wanting to serve something different to family, I love looking for creamy with different flavor hot cocoa recipes. Here are a few I found.


This recipe from One Good Thing is the perfect solution for a crowd coming over. Its made in the crock pot and the ingredients are so creamy and rich. Have this simmering in your crock pot when the kids come over to play in the snow all day.

Who doesn’t love the idea of putting a cookie taste in hot cocoa? I know I do. Lemon Tree Dwelling has a recipe for Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa. Yum!

This is a new recipe for me by Celebrating Sweets. I have never heard of a White Hot Chocolate recipe before. Instead of using chocolate chips you use white chocolate chips. Sounds dreamy.

I love this recipe for the kids, especially you can find on Delish. Unicorn Hot Chocolate is such a cute idea for the little ones to enjoy on a cold day.



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