Monday Moments with Halloween Treats

I have a confession. I’m a fool for Halloween Candy. And I don’t mean the name brand candy bars. I mean REAL Halloween treats, like Candy Corn. Pure sugar. Bad for your teeth. But yet, it brings back so many childhood memories of Trick or Treating. Here are some treat ideas for your next party or to give to the kiddos when they knock on your door.

Looking for easy and cute Halloween treat ideas. Here are 6 you can make so easily at home and share at your next party

I saw this cute little ghost cupcakes by Our Family of Seven and just fell in love. Simple idea of a cupcake with a marshmallow topping to look like ghosts.

Making pops out of Oreos to look like Halloween treats. Genius idea by Chelsea’s Messy Apron and so easy to make to. She has a great tutorial video to follow along.

Also by Chelsea’s Messy Apron, treats made with only 3 ingredients. I love these. I could see all these made in a short amount of time for a party.

And I had to show a brownie treat. I love any kind of brownies and these are perfect for any fall activity by Persnickity PlatesAren’t the colors great?

A Dash of Daily Life has an idea for a popcorn snack with all kinds of Halloween sweet treats mixed in. Fill treat bags with this to pass out on Halloween night and the kids will love you forever.

These dessert cups are perfect for a Halloween party. Easy to follow instructions by Sugar Spun Run with just a few ingredients. I love how she displays them on her ghouly table.



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