Monday Moments with Halloween Outdoor Decor

Its starting to look like Halloween in our neighborhood with all the ghouly items in the yards and on the front porches. I love seeing how creative people get for Halloween season. Here are a few ideas I thought would make great items for anyone wanting to ghoul up their outdoor space.

Easy and fun to make Halloween Outdoor Decor for any home using just a few items. Make your home have a creepy ghoulish vibe this Halloween

I don’t mind snakes, that much, but I really have a problem with spiders. If you are like me, then why not put a HUGE one on your front porch. My Untangled Life shows you how to put the fear of spiders in your neighbors with his project.

My Cotton Creations has found a way for me to use some of my tomato cages by making ghosts with them. This one is super easy to make too.

The kids could help you make these cardboard headstones. Pretty easy to make but I love the end results and eHow has the detailed instructions.

These would be so creepy coming up out of the ground around your house. eeewwwwwwww DIY Masking Tap hands that light up.

I really like this project because you use PVC pipe. This arch is actually really neat looking at night by Don Morin. I think all the little trick or treaters will love walking under this ghoulish arch.

This project is really super easy to make by A Girl and A Glue Gun. Foam discs, styrofoam circles and glue and you are done with these yard monsters.



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