Monday Moments with Halloween Decorations

Are you decorated for Halloween?  Is your decor spooky or just kind of spooky?  Halloween decorations can mean several design options and here are just a few to give you ideas.

Monday Moments with Halloween Decorations

There were so many crazy and quirky ideas for Halloween, I decided to use posts with several ideas.  First, one of my favs, is a collection of Halloween Mantel decorations by Eighteen 25.  I love mantel decorations.

Now these are fun!  How about Decorations for your windows?  Residence Style has a great collection of different ways to decorate your windows for Halloween.  Really neat if you have a 2 story home.

Can you really be elegant when decorating for Halloween?  Town & Country found some really elegant Halloween styles for any home.  I love the dining room tables.

On a budget when it comes to Halloween decorating?  Here is a great collection of Dollar Store Halloween decorations by Handy Home Tips.  Some of these are just really cute for the home on a budget.



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