Monday Moments with Easter Egg Decorating

I was looking for new ways to Easter egg decorate and came across some really special and very interesting ideas. Not only different ways to color them but to decorate them. Here are a few I found to share.

Tired of the same ole way of decorating Easter eggs? How about these very interesting and fun ways of decorating eggs.

How about decorating eggs like hamburgers? Studio DIY shows you how easy it is to have burgers and other items made from food.

If you like cartoons, tv shows, and games, you will love the way all these eggs are decorated. Geek X Girls show you several different examples of egg decorating. The Marvel cartoons were my favorite.

Besides burgers, how about decorating your eggs like veggies and fruits? shows you some really cute ideas and easy instructions to follow.

I loved this idea of pinata Easter eggs!! They are so cute to hang as decoration around the home and Blogging Corner Blog shows you several examples of how to make these.



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  1. ADORABLE!! My Prince Charming would be all over that hamburger egg. Especially if I add a slice of cheese! And those little baby piñata eggs are such fun. In El Paso, we celebrate in a big way with the confetti or cascaron eggs. But have never seen a piñata egg before.

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