Monday Moments with Easter Dinner

Spring is in the air and that means Easter is right around the corner.  Our family loves Easter.  We get to see one another, catch up on whats been going on and talk about what Easter stands for.  Love and forgiveness.  And then there is the meal on Easter Sunday.  I think I enjoy that meal more than Thanksgiving.  Fresh spring food.

Monday Moments with Easter Dinner

Lets start off with ham.  Gotta have that yummy ham with a sweet brown sugar glaze.  There is just something about the taste of that glaze after its been baking for awhile on the ham.  Yum.

You can’t have Easter without carrots and these Maple Dijon Roasted carrots are what I love to fix.  It really makes a nice presentation at the table leaving the carrot whole.

And what about the smell of fresh Garlic & Rosemary buns baking in the oven.  The smell of fresh bread in the oven is intoxicating.  But these are made with frozen dough which makes this item easy peasy.

Lets not forget dessert.  Homemade Carrot Cake is always so moist with a flavor all its own.  This recipe makes a single layer cake for when you only need a little bit of cake to take.  Did I just say little bit of cake?  haha



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