Monday Moments with Cute Teacher Gifts

Moms, are you ready for school to start?  Did you shed a few tears as your little ones walked out the door?  Or did you do a little dance that they are out of the house?  I know I shed several tears and did a couple of dances over the school years with my son.  So many emotions during that time period.  But now, do we need to shed a few tears for the teachers?  They are the ones who will be working hard with our children for the next 9+ months.  So, how about a cute gift idea to give to them.  Here are a few examples.

Monday Moments with Cute Teacher Gifts

The first gift idea is always a great one.  A gift card.  But I love the way Just Add Confetti presented it. Starbucks cup and gift card.  She also has the label you can download to add to the presentation.

And how about an item all teachers like to use, Sharpies.  This great idea is by The Suburban Mom.  Easy and a perfect gift for your child’s teacher.

I love this next idea mainly because it has to do with gardening.  Cut project of painting a pot with chalkboard paint and placing a plant in it. It would be so cute on her desk or window sill.  Our Family Journey shows you exactly how to make this cute teachers gift.

Its Mason Jar project time again.  What a precious idea too!  A Glitter Mason Jar that reminds you of a No.2 pencil.  A Pumpkin & A Princess also has an idea to make it look like an apple.



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