Monday Moments with College Dorm Room Ideas

Even though I went to college, I didn’t stay in a dorm. I lived very close to my college and I just drove everyday. That is one of the things I regret about going to college, was college dorm life. I had friends who lived in the dorm and sometimes I would go stay the weekend with them. I was able to find several college dorm room ideas to pass along that should make life much easier for the student and certainly for the parents.

Are you ready for college life? Here is a list of must haves and do's to have an organized, cute and efficient dorm room.

All of these ideas came from a great website called Society 19. There are several posts on college dorm ideas, but here are the top 4 I found the most interesting.

Move in day is the most hectic and are you packed and ready yet? Here are 20 great tips on how to be prepared and handle move in day. Don’t forget the cart to go from the car to your room. You will make several trips.

Organizing your dorm room is a must. Its not that large and normally there are 2 in a room. All these ideas and items came from the Dollar Store also. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a very well organized room.

Decorating your room is super important. Why stay in a room that isn’t pleasing to be in. You study, eat and live there most of the time while you are in college. These ideas are just so cute and easy to do.

Items you may not realize what you need in your dorm room until you read the 15 items on this list. The are very practical and would fit in any dorm room. The cordless vacuum is a must for sure.



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