Monday Moments with Christmas Tree Decorations

I love decorating for Christmas and I especially love decorating my tree.  Its all ornaments that I have been collecting for 30+ years now.  Most of my life story is told on that tree.  Love the memories.  Love singing Christmas songs.  Here are a few Christmas tree decorations to help inspire your tree decorating this year.

Monday Moments with Christmas Tree Decorations

Lets start out with a really elegant Christmas tree example.  Oh my this tree just takes my breath away.  French Country Cottage shows off her decorations plus many others.

How about a little bit of rustic decorating.  What I love about this tree, is that you don’t have to use a lot of decorations to make a tree look wonderful.  Vintage News Junkie will show you how to decorate with less for that rustic look.

How about some color on your tree?  This tree has every color of the rainbow on it but done tastefully well.  Mainly all solid color balls, many vintage with just a bit of ribbon.  I love Inspired by Charms tree!

Lastly, we must step back in time to this lovely retro style, not only Christmas tree, but the whole house it looks like.  The Thompson Family has done a beautiful job of bringing back the 60’s.  Be sure to look at all the pictures.  Just beautiful



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