Monday Moments with Christmas Morning Recipes

I’m always looking for a new recipe to try for Christmas morning when everyone is up. I love cooking tummy warming food that everyone will enjoy from adults to the kids. But, I must confess that this list of recipes, I was really thinking about Mr. G and what he loves to eat. Breakfast is his favorite meal and he always looks forward to Christmas breakfast. Here are my choices for this year.

Need some recipes to serve on Christmas morning? Check out these 4 I found that will please everyone in your home.

This recipe starts off good with biscuits. cheese and bacon. Oh, my. A Slow Roasted Italian must have had Mr. G in mind when she made these sandwiches. There is a video to watch on how to make this recipe.

Biscuits and gravy are another one of those southern staples for breakfast in our home and to make it in a casserole. I’m in love. The Diary of a Housewife uses sausage in her milk gravy. Again, I’m in love more.

One of my guilty pleasures is the Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole. It’s just so good. Spend with Pennies has a copycat version of this dish that I must try. There isn’t much to this recipe but oh so rich and decadent.

Since Mr. G is a huge pancake fan and I’m not the best pancake maker, I found a recipe called French Toast Sausage Rolls. Sausage rolled in bread and dipped in syrup. I think he will love this recipe by Tastes Better from Scratch.



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