Monday Moments with Camping Food and Cooking

If you are heading out to enjoy some camping this 4th of July holiday, be sure to check out some of these tasty meals I found. When preparing for your camping trip, one of my main projects is to figure out what to take for meals.  You are very limited for space, so there is a lot of prepping and preparing.  Most are such easy recipes to make before leaving home.

One thing I learned while camping as a Girl Scout is purchase the cheapest dish washing soap you can find and before you put any pot on the fire, rub some of the liquid soap on the bottom.  When it comes time to cleaning, the soot and anything else just wipes right off.

Monday Moments with Camping Food and Cooking

34 Things You Can Cook On A Camping Trip lists some really yummy recipes I would love to cook at home.  I’m sure you can find some yummy recipes in that group.

Starting off the day with 19 Easy Breakfasts For Your Next Camping Trip is important for any campsite.  There is just something special about smelling bacon cooking on an open fire.

On the many camping trips I have been on, we used tin foil for many meals.  Here is a list of 30 Camping Tin Foil Dinners for everyone to enjoy.

Another list of great recipes for camping of 15 Easy & Delicious Camping Recipes.

Enjoy camping,


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