Monday Moments with BBQ Chicken Recipes

I love firing up the BBQ and cooking my favorite recipes on it. Mr. G used to be the grill master, but when he was working for a couple of years from the home and I was working from home, it was hard for him to come home and grill. So, I took on the job of grill master and I have to admit and so does Mr. G., I’ve gotten very good at it. Here are a few new BBQ chicken recipes I will be trying soon and I hope Mr. G. loves them just as much.

Need some BBQ chicken recipe inspiration? Here are 4 recipes that will make your next BBQ chicken meal a success

This recipe grabbed my attention because of one ingredient. Honey. The Recipe Critic and her Grilled Honey Lime Cilantro chicken sound like a great combo. Love the taste of sweet and tart.

Another honey recipe is called Honey Chipotle BBQ chicken also by The Recipe Critic. Another sweet and tangy version for your grilled chicken.

One of my favorite sites to go to for recipes is called the Plain Chicken. She has a recipe called BBQ Ranch Grilled Chicken which I have tried several times and is really, really good. Very easy and simple recipe.

Heather Likes Food has a recipe called Super Moist Oven Baked Chicken for those of you who don’t have a BBQ grill but still love that flavor. Her marinade is the key to moist chicken.

TIP #1: Add your BBQ sauce to your grilled chicken when its almost done. BBQ sauces will burn on the grill easily.

TIP #2: A simple marinade is any Italian Dressing. The vinegar in the dressing will break down the protein in the meat to tenderize it. I will usually let the meat sit a few hours in the dressing before I grill.

TIP #3: Always grill your meat at room temperature. It really does make a difference in how the meat comes out.

My favorite grilling items:



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