Monday Moments with Back to School Signs

The first day of school is right around the corner.  I have to admit.  I was not one of those children who loved the first day of school.  I actually hated it!!  All the way through college.  I guess it was the unexpected.  But, I seemed to get over it pretty quick.

I have a few pictures of my son starting his first day of school and I love the idea of all the printable signs you can use for each year.  I have a found a few really cute signs to use for your childs first day of school.

Monday Moments with Back to School Signs

I love these signs because they are so bright and cherry and really east to read for the little one too.  I Heart Nap Time has these ready to download and print for your children.

Another great example of signs for the first day of school and you wouldn’t need special size paper for these.  Moritz Fine Designs has the file ready to download.

And lets not forget chalkboard signs.  These are so cute!! Designs by Nichole has a set of signs ready for download and these will accommodate preschoolers too.

I love this idea of printing the sign and framing it and all you have to do is write on the glass every year.  No need to worry about printing out the sign every year.  Its always ready to go.  Carrie Ellie has 2 different versions of this sign to use.



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  1. Great ideas! These are really cute. I like the chalkboard one but would probably go with I Heart Nap Time’s as it would print more easily. Thanks!

  2. I love the thought of framing one and just changing the number every year too. I’ll have to check that one out. I wish Pinterest would have been around when my daughter was young. She would have loved it. My son is in Middle School so I’m sure he won’t be thrilled, but I think I’ll start it this year anyway :). Pinned! Thanks, Tammy!

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