Monday Moments with Back to School Organization

I actually love to keep things organized around my home.  I make lists for everything.  Even if for a small family dinner.  Seems to keep me in line and not to forget.  And being organized for school with all things involved with that is important too.  I found some outstanding ideas to keep you and your family organized for this upcoming school year.

Monday Moments with Back to School Organization

I love this idea of having an area set aside just for items for all the lunch boxes.  Saves time and the kids could even help with making up their lunches.  This lunch station idea is by Uncommon Designers.

And how about an area to organize all the items kids use during their school year.  An Inviting Home did a whole room just for kids where they can work and create.  A perfect spot to do homework and learn.

I LOVE this idea of a command center.  Every home needs one of these.  Even for those with just two people.  Its always there to look at and drop off things for future events.  SAS Interiors shows you how to make one of these for your home.

I heart this website.  I Heart Organizing has the best ideas for any organization project you make have.  Here School Paperwork Storage bin is perfect for all those things the kids bring home for you to keep.   She also has another page dedicated to school organization and tips.



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