Monday Moments with Thanksgiving Food

Did I say food??  Oh my.  I adore Thanksgiving food.  You could have these recipes all year long, but when they are all together on the table and you are sharing with others, life is so good this time of the year.

Monday Moments with Thanksgiving Food

I love using my crock pot and the idea of cooking a turkey breast in mine is an outstanding idea.  I’ve cooked whole chickens in my crock pot and they always turn out so great.  Stockpiling Mom’s recipe for Turkey Breast of Wonder is the recipe I use.  It is so yummy.

Next we have the “must have” side dish of mashed pototoes.  This is another great find if you want to make your Mashed Potatoes in a crock pot.  Creme de le Crumb shows you exactly how to make this easy dish.  If you had 2 crock pots, you have half the meal cooking.

Another must on my table is Southern Green Beans.  Oh my!!  Cooked to death home grown green beans just make a statement on the table.  Check out Spicy Southern Kitchen and her version of this classic southern dish.

And last but not least, Marble Pumpkin Cheesecake.  I have to wipe the drool off my chin when I look at this recipe.  I love cheesecake and if you have never had a pumpkin version, you are really missing out.  Be sure to visit Roxana’s Home Baking page for this recipe.



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