Monday Moments with DIY Pumpkins

Aren’t the colors of fall just beautiful?  I don’t see much fall colors in Central Florida, so I have to make my own.  My home looks like someone threw pumpkins all in it and I love making something new every year.  Here are a few really cute and super easy DIY pumpkin ideas.

Monday Moments with DIY Pumpkins

Gotta love all the mason jar lid projects and if you haven’t made one of these Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins, here is how you do it.  Very easy project.

When I was a kid, we would take magazines and make Christmas trees with them and I came up on an Book Page Pumpkin that is just adorable.  The perfect way to use a damaged book.

How about taking a roll of toilet paper and making a Toilet Paper Pumpkin for the bathroom.  Adorable!!

And I just love this idea of taking dryer vent tubing and making a Dryer Vent Pumpkin.  I love how those turn out.

Be sure to check out all the fall ideas and crafts I have in my Fall Pinterest Board.



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