Monday Moment with Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

Girl Scout Cookies have been on sale for quite sometime now and I sold them for most of my 12 year career as a Girl Scout.  I have to say my favorite cookie is the Thin Mint.  I love them straight from the freezer.  But, if you have any left over cookies, here are a few recipes to use them with.

Monday Moment with Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

The Samoa cookies wasn’t sold years ago, but what a good cookie it is.  So why not make them into a yummy cupcake by Rainy Day Gal.  These looks exceptionally yummy.

Savannah cookies are nice lemony tasting cookie and Inspiration Made Simple has her version of Savannah Smiles Version of Lemon Cupcakes.  What a great cupcake for a spring get together.

I will be making these bars for sure since they feature my fav Girl Scout cookie made into a gooey bar.  Be sure to check out Picky Palates recipe.

And since I love Thin Mints so much, here is another recipe by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.  Thin Mint Ice Cream Cups looks so good and would make a great summer treat.  If the cookies last that long.

Do-Si-Does are another favorite of mine and are good right out of the freezer too.  Here is a great pie recipe at Serious Eats by Lauren Weisenthal.  Yummy peanut butter and oatmeal crunch in that pie.

Using Trefoils in this Cake Pop recipe is the perfect treat for any childs birthday party.  Check it out Coupon Clipping Chicks easy to follow recipe.



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