Hearing Today and Tomorrow

Hubby and I are slowly taking the Senior Citizen path in our lives.  Enjoying every minute of not having to work the 9 to 5 jobs, loving our day trips together, working around the house and just plain loving life!!

But, with that path, our bodies start to lose some abilities.  One is my hubby’s hearing and it was time to find out what to do next and how to keep our ears healthy.

Hearing Today and Tomorrow

Being a firefighter for 30+ years took a toll on his hearing with the constant sirens blowing. He has trouble with his hearing if there is a lot of back ground noise. A reason why we don’t go to crowded restaurants and try to enjoy each others conversations because he just can’t hear what I am saying to him.  And yelling at him so he can hear isn’t an option.  I knew there had to be a way for him to hear better today and tomorrow.

It was time to have his hearing checked to see exactly what the problem was.


We first went to our local Miracle Ear Center for a free hearing examination.  He went through a lot of testing and it showed he did have some hearing loss but not enough for a hearing aid at this time.  We will be sure to go back for future evaluations before the problem gets out of hand.

I also had my hearing tested and it was normal for my age.  I thought I didn’t do very well because I wasn’t hearing very many sounds, but all was good.

The consultant did introduce us to the new Miracle-Ear® GENIUS 2.0 with Speech isolation hearing aid and learned how it would help him when the time does come.  It was explained that the hearing aid would help calm down the back ground noise so voices could be easier to understand.

He also explained a few other features:

  • Music Master  – designed to enrich the quality of music and provide maximum enjoyment for listening to music. With three music settings – Concert, Playback and Performer – wearers will enjoy a variety of music. GENIUS 2.0 is designed to deliver excellent music fidelity whether listening to music or performing.
  • Echo Guard – stops sound from reflecting off of surfaces such as ceilings and walls in reverberant environments. GENIUS 2.0 Echo Guard provides a comfortable setting for wearers by softening the reflected sound for better sound quality. Wearers no longer need to avoid difficult-to-hear places where sounds bounce off of the walls.
  • Phone Surround – transmits the phone signal from one ear to both ears when using a handheld phone. The signal is automatically detected by a magnet and wirelessly sends the signal, surrounding the wearer, and provides better understanding without the need for an additional accessory. GENIUS 2.0 provides an improved listening experience for telephone calls.
  • Wireless CROS Solution – Designed for those with unilateral hearing loss. Available in our most popular style, the CROS RIC transmitter is worn on the unaidable ear and wirelessly sends the signal to any GENIUS 2.0 wireless hearing aid on the other ear, allowing the wearer to hear sounds from both sides.

You can learn more about our GENIUS 2.0 technology and schedule an appointment for your free evaluation and to speak with a Miracle-Ear hearing specialist.  Doesn’t matter your age and it would never hurt to have your hearing evaluated.  Hearing loss can happen at any time in your life.

To learn more about Miracle-Ear hearing options please visit their website for more information.

Has there been anyone you know who has had hearing loss issues?



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