Giving Thanks: The Long Journey


There are so many things I am so thankful for this year.  But, especially one thing that took us 5 years to overcome.

Hubby and I had real estate for many years and did quite well until 2008 came and we basically lost it all.  Our capital was all used up to make payments on flips and rentals that weren’t selling and we still had 2 credit cards almost maxed out.  We both were so worried and upset that we really didn’t know what to do.

Then one day, while my hubby was alone, he prayed and got his answer.  God wanted to know why he was trying to solve the problems and said to hand it to him.  He came to me and told me what happened.  We both cried and realized that we had taken the wrong path and was doing our real estate for all the wrong reasons.

So, the journey began.  A very long and hard journey.

We sat down with all our bills and decided what we didn’t need anymore and what could be cut back. I made a lot of calls to our utilities and was able to get those bills lowered.  I also called the two credit card companies and was able to work out a 5 year payment plan to pay off one card  and we were also able to transfer the money from the other card to a new card with no interest and pay it off quickly.  We both took on part time jobs and even had our own painting business where we did all the painting in our community for awhile.  We were able to tithe, pay all the bills and still have money at the end of the month to put back for emergencies and maybe a trip in the future. 

I also took a class on how to use coupons and now follow many money saving blogs.  I save around $5000 a year on food money by using coupons from what I was paying before and I have a nicely stocked stockpile that’s not full of junk food.  I have also learned how to earn gift cards and buy luxury items without a cent coming out of my pocket.  I have learned so much from some wonderful women and especially from my husband.

And I’m so happy to say that after 5 years, we have paid off all those bills and only have a mortgage to pay now.  (We were even able to drop the interest rate in half and will have it paid off in half the time!!)

Living our lives now in complete dependence on Christ requires great humility on our part. We must humble ourselves daily before him and acknowledge that apart from him we can do nothing.

Only God can bless us like this and I will always trust and put him first in my life.  He has taught me whats important in our lives and what our future could be if we just give him all our worries and problems and to not try and figure them out ourselves.

I can do all things through him who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13

I would love to hear what you are thankful for!

Have a wonderful and thankful day,


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  1. Thanks for sharing that! I love reading these posts where we see the goodness of God at work in our lives! You could add this post to your own linky–that way everybody else that has the linky on their blog, their people will see your post! (just go click on add your link, and put it your url!)

  2. Wow. That is quite a story! So many people had/have rental properties where a similar thing happened. It’s nice to hear you were able to turn it around and STILL have an amazing attitude of gratitude!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. We had friends who lost everything and filed bankruptcy and it was hard watching them go through their struggles. I’m so glad we choose the path we did.

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